Listing #77-03

Listing #77-03



Status: Struggling to pay rent

Houston, TX


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Tenant Statement: My health conditions and access is a lot of the problem. Transportation. Like if you start a job here, you would need $300 – $400 just to make it through the first two weeks getting to work. So there’s factors. I can’t just say I want to start working. I have to know how I’m going to get there every day, going to have to know what I eat. Some places don’t allow you to bring your lunch, you have to eat there, and pay to eat. You have to figure that into a budget. If you borrowed or asked for help, then you owe when you get your first check. You may not be able to pay your bill, you may have to pay the person who got you to work. Most everyone is one paycheck away from being evicted, or in big trouble financially.

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