Inkjet on Hahnemuhle cotton photo rag 308gsm, interior home moulding, acrylic paint

Dimensions: 11.5″ x 9″


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Tenant Statement: Before I got injured it wasn’t that much of a problem. Because before I got injured, I had a car and I was able to travel back and forth to work. But then I ended up injuring myself, and not only that, my job was giving me issues with putting me on the schedule. I was a server. My job just will hire people and start limiting people’s schedules. So when I got scheduled I made money and my rent was easy to come by. But when they didn’t schedule me, that’s when it was an issue.

In an ideal world, it sounds very old-fashioned, but everybody builds their own house and everybody has a plot of land. Go back to a barter system. But of course, that’s far-fetched at this point in this society, at least in America. In the real world, I guess take away this monopoly effect. Because that was also a problem in the housing crisis. People who really wanted to buy homes couldn’t because they’re getting priced out by investors. Even houses in the Third Ward are being gentrified. These companies are coming out and building AirBnbs. Jobs are paying $12 per hour. At least being reasonable with the rent prices. Or raising minimum wage. Something’s got to give. At least be fair in that way.

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